Yogi Bhajan and the teachings of yoga promote a vegetarian diet; usually dairy is included, but not eggs. A diet high in fruits and vegetables increases sattvic quality, that is, purity, clarity and lightness, and thus supports meditation and connection to the divine.

Guidelines for Preparing Food

As an angel you dwell in God and God dwells in you. Your altitude is the highest on each step of life. To the animal realm, God is only an existence. To human and earthling realm, God is a companion. To a saint and the angelic realm, God is personal and always present.

  • Your thoughts and vibration while you cook goes into the food you are cooking. This is why Yogi Bhajan recommended chanting while preparing food – to elevate the vibration so that your food is full of love and to increase the healing power of your ingredients. 
  • Breathing is an important part of setting up a balanced environment, while you cook and while you eat. The digestive system will be relaxed and will have a better assimilation. 
  • The way the food is presented is equally as important as the way it has been cooked. Develop the art of Grace.
  • Set up a graceful environment for eating – set the table, take your time over your meal. Yogi Bhajan said that if you can’t eat it a graceful environment, it would be better not to eat. 
  • Take a moment before you eat to be grateful. Blessing food adds prana, or life force. A simple word is as important as an eloquent one. Our habit is to chant three long Sat Nams to bless the food. This has the added benefit of making you take three long deep breaths before eating, which helps bring you into a more relaxed state, and prepares the digestive system. 
  • Take time to fully chew your food. Yogi Bhajan frequently reminded us that the stomach has no teeth, and by properly chewing your food, you reduce the work of the digestive system.

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