Yogi Bhajan taught that there must be an energy exchange for receiving yogic teachings. He said this is based on an ancient teaching: empty handed you come; empty handed you go. He even used to drop dollar bills in the car park where he taught, so that his hippy students could ‘pay’ for the class.

Das Vandh means sharing one tenth of what you earn. This is a popular practice through many spiritual traditions, as a way of acknowledging that all our prosperity comes from God. 

Yogi Bhajan took this one step further for teachers of Kundalini Yoga. He instructed that 11% of what is earned through teaching be given back to the source of the Teachings – this could be your local NKYTA, or to the Library of Teachings or another nonprofit in the 3HO family. This donation is called Gurudakshina. In this way, our community is supported to grow, to invest in projects that assist with developing the teachings, and to be prosperous.

Photo credit: Alexia Adamski France

Gurudakshina is a way to prosperity, power of self-reliance, and confidence of every molecule of your being. It is not only very, very spiritual; it is God-like giving. Though God gives us everything, when we give that much in His Name to our higher Self, it is called Gurudakshina. It doesn’t belong to a man; it belongs to a true Teacher. This is the kriya which makes a teacher a Teacher. Yogi Bhajan