Yogi Bhajan pointed out that we have developed scientific understanding in many areas of research, yet do not overtly learn and study how to be human. He called this study ‘humanology’, and gave extensive practical teachings, to help guide our way through life. 

This area of teachings is vast. One example is yogic lifecycles. Though we tend to think of our development just in years up until adulthood, yogic teachings point out that there are actually three cycles that dictate our development, and that these are continuous through the lifespan. 

7 year cycle: Consciousness

Your way of understanding yourself and all around you shifts every 7 years.

11 year cycle: Intelligence

Your ability to apply your understanding in life shifts every 11 years. 

18 year cycle: Life energy

Your physical energy makes a shift every 18 years – you may life your 20s as you did when you were 18, but past 36, you may notice that your body requires different treatment. 

These cycles guide the balance between our awareness, our applied intelligence and our physical structure. The secret to fulfilling ourselves as human beings is to master the balance, maintenance and development of the cycles of life.

In order for us to live in harmony with these cycles Yogi Bhajan compiled some practical lifestyle guidelines for the spiritual, physical and mental aspects of the person. From birth to childhood, adulthood, marriage and relationships, working life, middle and advanced age, to death, you can find answers and directions to live by.

We will be developing more resources in all our European languages to bring to you more of the teachings on humanology. 

You can also find more resources in English on our sister site: 3HO.org

Photo credit: Giulio Colombo.Vibrant Kundalini. Italy

The science of humanology is a very simple, scientific process, and it is very much hoped that people in the Western World will take advantage of this excellent technology. That simply means that the emergence of a projected human who knows the science and art of being healthy, happy, and of being holy. This is called science of humanology, how to be a human against all odds. Yogi Bhajan