The concept of selfless service is at the centre of many spiritual traditions. Selfless service brings the opportunity to connect to something beyond yourself, and to serve God in All. 

In Kundalini Yoga, the word used for selfless service is: seva and the ones who perform it are called sevadars.

You have probably experienced in your life the power of helping someone just for the sake of it. This is the reward serving gives you: serving something greater fills you up with a divine contentment. Our individualistic culture and the pressure of the times means we may often feel isolated and lacking connection. If you feel alone, if you are longing for a partner, if you feel you haven’t found your true home… try serving. Whether that’s in your local community, or at any yoga community event, it will bring great value. 

At our yoga festivals, we offer opportunity to  serve called Karma Yoga, which means the yoga of action and selfless service. Almost all of the Yoga Festivals are run by sevadars.

Check out your local community – both yogic and beyond – to know about local projects where you can serve by helping them according to your capacity and skills.

If you are interested in serving your local community, try contacting your National Kundalini Yoga teachers association [LINK to NKYTAs page], or, if there is a local yoga festival, contact the organisers [LINK to festivals page].

Photo credit: EkOngKar_Spazio Kundalini Yoga Italy.