Our mission

The main scope of 3HO Europe is to promote a healthy lifestyle through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and share his teachings in their integrity. 

We aim to give support to the many newcomers to Kundalini Yoga and to the existing European community.Our goal is to connect the European communities and facilitate the exchange between teachers, students, events and projects.

Our team

Our board is composed of 6 members. All of them have been recommended to and presented an application to the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation. Once their application is accepted they are members for a determined amount of time. The board members are seva (volunteer) based.

Meet our Team:

Do You Want to work with us?

Most of our positions are based on volunteering. If you feel that your ideas, expertise and enthusiasm can make the difference please do contact us:


What is 3HO?

3HO stands for Healthy Happy Holy Organisation. There are 2 branches: 3HO International (based in the United States) and 3HO Europe. 3HO was founded …

Yogi Bhajan

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, known as Yogi Bhajan, honoured in 1974 with the title of Siri Singh Sahib by the Sikh authorities in Amritsar, India, …

Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan

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Sikh Dharma, Yogi Bhajan and the Siri Singh Sahib

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Part of the aim of 3HO Europe is to connect community projects. We invite you to let us know about your current existing and …

Ethics and Code of Excellence

The Office of Ethics & Professional Standards & Conscious Conflict Resolution (EPS) has developed the Ten rights of a kundalini yoga student, to make …