PURPOSE of The We Are Forum

We are happy to invite you to the First We Are Forum. Please find here more about the Forum and registration information.

❖ What is the We ARE Forum?
The We Are Forum is a space dedicated to all Kundalini Yoga Teachers, Trainers and National Associations from Europe. Its purpose is to allow a meeting place where together, we will explore the reality of who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow.

❖ Why a European Forum?
There is a European approach to the events we have been living this year and we feel it is important to acknowledge it by offering a dedicated space to it.

❖ Why is 3ho Europe organising it?
3ho Europe’s role is to offer a platform of dialogue between the different European parties.This is not an event to find political or business solutions but to reach a cohesion between peers of the same community.

❖ When?
January 12th and 13th 2021
On zoom with registration.

We wish to repeat this forum yearly. We hope that you will join this one online and as soon as the worldwide pandemic situation is over, in person. Establishing a close communication network between our European communities is one of the main tasks that 3ho Europe has endorsed for the next few years and we count on you to be part of it.
There is more to share than there is to divide.


We will gather for 5 hours. You can choose your day :
Tuesday 9.00-14.00 CET
Wednesday 15:00-20:00 CET

We will connect together by doing a meditation at the beginning of each session and then will have 2 series of Break out groups using Open Space Technology. In between a moment to share in the main group.
The times are different for each day to make sure there is a favorable moment for each part of european time zone.
You are welcome to join one or two sessions, the Break Out Groups sessions will be the same to allow as many as possible to participate in as many topics as possible.
We want these meetings to be accessible to as many as possible, so there will be translations in as many european languages as possible


• This is a free event. Please find the link to the registering form here below.

• You are welcome to make a donation to support the expenses of its organisation.

• If you need assistance for your registration, contact Manou: yogimemag@gmail.com

• You can also sponsor the event. Please, contact: projects.3ho.eu@gmail.com
to check the conditions of this sponsorship)


This space is for you, for us.

  • With your registration Form we will ask you a series of questions and leave you space for your suggestions.
  • You will be able to let us know if you need translation and if you can assist with translation.
  • You will be able to suggest the topics you want to bring to discussion
  • If you feel the call, join us :
    • Become the facilitator for one of the BreakOut Groups. Let us know which topic you are interested in assisting.
    • A note taker for one of the BreakOut Groups. Let us know which topic you are interested in assisting.
    • Become part of the committee that will compile the notes and present the essence of them to the group (after the We Are Forum).
    • Join as a translator

Follow this link to fill the form and register

Find the perfect Time for your area