02 January – 05:00 to 20:00 (CET)

Here is the detail of the Program and a bit more info about our teachers who will journey online with all of us to Celebrate the beginning of 2021

Voici le détail du programme et un peu plus d’informations sur nos enseignants qui voyageront en ligne avec nous tous pour célébrer le début de l’année 2021

Aquí está el detalle del Programa y un poco más de información sobre nuestros maestros que viajarán en línea con todos nosotros para Celebrar el comienzo de 2021


Fateh Singh

from France

About Fateh:

Fateh is a healer and Kundalini Lead trainer with  AJAI ALAI AWAKENING international school. He loves to explore and research the roots of Guru Nanak’s teachings, especially vedic and sufi practices. His teaching put a strong  emphasis on sensitivity and listening.

For more info : https://fateh-ji.com


Japji and Yoga : “Kriya for deep regeneration”

Sat Pavan Singh

from France

About Sat Pavan:

Sat Pavan Singh teaches Kundalini yoga for over 15 years, he is now trainer within the Ajai Alai Awakening International school. He loves to play mantras with some reggae vibes ! He has grown spirulina for ten years in France and co-founded AKAL FOOD, a Kundalini yoga applied Aquarian Company.

For more info : https://akalfood.com


He will guide the meditations of the aquarian Sadhana with reggae vibes.

Hukam and Kirtan

Kirtan Singh

from USA

About Kirtan:

Kirtan-Singh Khalsa plays kirtan (often on accordion) at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Los Angeles and has led a weekly program of singing Mera Man Lochai there since 1981. His CD “Lord of Miracles” recorded with Shakti Parwha Kaur memorialized their weekly singing together and remains popular to this day.  He is also the voice on the Tantric Mul Mantra recording with Simran Kaur Khalsa.  He has played Kirtan at many different Gurdwaras in Southern California and beyond and let’s just say that ‘Kirtan’ loves Kirtan!


HUKAM and Kirtan: Shabd Hazaaray (Mera Man Lochai) -“the Shabd/Song worth a thousand shabds”. 

It is said that those who sing Shabd Hazaaray will never be separated from their loved ones or their Guru. 

We will begin by chanting Aap Sahaee Hoa 11xs followed by 31″ of singing Mera Man Lochai. Chanting these together has the power to dispel negative energies, destroy one’s enemies (inner and outer) and delivers us unto our soul’s deepest longings. 
We will conclude with chanting “Aad Such, Jugaad Such Hai Bhai Such, Nanak Hosee Bhai Such” 11xs to break through all blocks from our past, in our present and clear our path for 2021 and a bright future.

Numerology 2021

Shiv Charan Singh

from United Kingdom – Portugal

About Shiv Charan:

Shiv Charan Singh, an unassuming and authentic spiritual teacher, founder and director of the International Karam Kriya School (1996). Karam Kriya means ‘Total action through which our karma is brought to completion though application of spiritual consciousness guided by the intelligence of numbers’. Through the philosophy and practice of Karam Kriya, Shiv Charan Singh is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth, so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings – to become the best they can be.

He is the author of several books and articles on different aspects of spiritual life including human communication, the mystery of numbers (Let the Numbers Guide You) and poetry, (available on www.satnam.eu). As a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga (since 1980) and a Lead Teacher Trainer for the KRI accredited Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher Training Level I & Level II, Shiv Charan Singh mentors training programmes worldwide.


The numerology of 2021 – build bridges not walls.

Kundalini Yoga Kriya

Viveka Pasquier

from Sweeden

About Viveka:

Viveka Pasquier (Har Dyal Kaur) is a teacher known for her heart centered approach to life and sharing. As a Lead Teacher Trainer, Viveka offers Level 1 and Level 2 kundalini teacher trainings throughout northern Europe. She teaches Sat Nam Rasayan, offers Sat Nam Rasayan healing sessions and counsel clients. Viveka is co-founder of The Stockholm Kundalini Yoga Center and the Kundalini Yoga Institute. Both organizations offer a new path for those who long to live their life with more awareness, stability and grace.  Based in her hometown of Stockholm Sweden, Viveka recently celebrated her 31 year anniversary with her husband with whom she shares two children.


Human Kindness <3 The world needs more kindness. Join us in this class to expand and embrace your compassion, courage and consciousness – all parts of the kindness-recipe! Together we set the vibration and a clear intention for 2021. Together we dive into powerful yoga and deep meditation. All levels are welcome


Anand Kirtan

from United Kingdom

About Anand Kirtan:

Both Anand Kirtan and Tom grew up with music as a way of life – Tom was a chorister in Worcester Cathedral and Anand Kirtan sang in church and on stage, later working in London with independent record producers as a soul singer.

> Anand Kirtan and Tom met in 2000 and have been writing and sharing uplifting World and Mantra music together since 2013. In that period, they’ve travelled through Europe to share music and made six albums. More recently, they’ve recruited their three musical sons to assist them in playing live at festivals and concerts. Anand Kirtan is a Kundalini yoga teacher and student of Shiv Charan Singh, studying Karam Kriya and working in her community as a Kundalini teacher and counsellor. Anand Kirtan and Tom have a 20 year relationship, and they pour this love and harmony into their music to create an experience that is uplifting, inspiring and deeply healing.> For more information, please go to www.anandkirtanmusic.com<http://www.anandkirtanmusic.com> or look up Anand Kirtan on spotify/ITunes


Anand Kirtan and Tom and their sons will share a 45 minute concert, at 11:30 CET with a mix of Kundalini mantras and devoted sacred music and English words and harmonies. All songs are dedicated to the awakening process and to deep connection and love for God. Their 2020 song, Let It Go, from new album, This Woman’s Love,  will kick off the concert, blending in perfectly with the theme of this years 3h0 sangat New Year celebration. Time to dance into the Aquarian age and leave behind the shackles of the past. Their kirtan style of music means that you can join in at home and feel the bliss that comes from singing together.


Sarabjit Kaur

from Spain

About Sarabjit:

Sarabjit Kaur Khalsa Kundalini Yoga pioneer in Madrid, Spain.  She is a level 1 and 2 lead trainer and member of the board of 3HO Europe. Sanadora, trabajadora de luz, formadora de Kundalini Yoga

For more info : http://yogakundalini.com, http://sarabjitkaur.com ; http://twitter.com/yogakundalinies, http://unamente.es ; http://www.circulodesanacion.com


“Leading the way to the Aquarian Age” . Letting go of the old, Bringing in the new. Leading the way to the future in Victory, Meditation for victory.


Prithi Nivas Kaur

from Germany

About Prithi Nivas:

Prithi Nivas Kaur is a devotional artist who is just about to release her first album called “Inner Sanctuary”. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Karam Kriya counselor she is weaving the messages and sound current of the Shabd Guru into music. Her music is inspired by her path walking and living bound into nature and it´s cycles. It is her aim to create an atmosphere to sink and sing into one’s devotion through music.


Sink into your inner Sanctuary- a mantra concert and album release celebration with Prithi Nivas Kaur and band. Just before the actual release of her debut album “Inner Sanctuary” she will share first pieces and sounds and invites you to deeply listen and journey into your inner temple.


Ananda Kaur

from Germany

About Ananda:

Ananda is an experienced Bhangra teacher who has taught all over the world.  She was born in Mexico, but lived most of her life in India, where she has studied many types of dance such as Kathak, African and Belly dance. Ananda is also a Kundalini yoga teacher. Her experience in these different forms of body language and movement has given her the talent to create class format where you will experience movement as a way of self expression. It can be fun as well as a good work out. Ananda is currently teaching several classes online you can contact her: anandavaluet@gmail.com


Bhangra is a dance that can have a lot of benefits, including balancing the hormonal system for women and it also can be beneficial for your circulation and the lymphatic system. You will sweat, have fun and remember why it feels so good to be alive. Please join and experience this class that will leave you feeling with an open heart and a vibrant body.

Meditation & Kirtan

Sada Sat Kaur

from USA – Italy

About Sada Sat:

Sada Sat Kaur’s lifelong love of music and singing crossed paths with Kundalini Yoga in 1970 when she began practicing Kundalini Yoga and Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound).  She continues to lead workshops and train Kundalini Yoga teachers worldwide, bringing the power and transformational energy of chanting, meditation, yoga, and Women’s Teachings to people everywhere.  

Sada Sat Kaur’s ashram home, the Yoga Borgo, in beautiful Umbria, Italy, is the realization of the dream of Sada Sat Kaur and Sada Sat Singh, her beloved husband, to create a welcoming, sacred, heart-centered place for seekers and practitioners on the spiritual path. 

Follow Sada Sat Kaur: Instagram: @sadasatk    @yogaborgo – Facebook: Sada Sat Kaur   and  Yoga Borgo – Youtube.com: Sada Sat Kaur    and    Yoga Borgo Italy – Stream her music: on Spotify and music streaming platforms worldwide


Open the door  Take down the walls  Lead with your heart What do you want to create in 2021? What is your vision for your life and the world?   Come chant and meditate with me. Together we will clear the way through sound and mantra to manifest your personal vision for the New Year and new world.


Amar Dev Kaur

from Greece

About Amar Dev:

Marina Amar Dev Kaur Ktisti, the co-founder and studies director of “Guru Ram Das Ashram Greece”. Member of Aquarian Trainers Academy and International Lead (2009) Teachers’ Trainer (2004) of Level I and II of KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). She has met personally Yogi Bhajan, 24 years ago (1996, Italy) and become an immediate student of him, devoted herself to the constant studying, practising and teaching the Kundalini Yoga science.  In 1999 brought Kundalini Yoga in Greece.Certified in Pregnancy Yoga (2003) and in Children’s Yoga (2006)  “Spiritual Fitness” and “Spiritual Theatre” developer.  Healer, through Healing Hands, Sat Nam Rasayan and Voice techniques.


The World dwells in your totality. Allow yourself to pass through the basics of your existence -body, mind & spirit and set up your intention for a courageous and inspired living!

Healing Meditation

Satkirin Kaur

from USA

About Satkirin:

Satkirin Kaur began studying and teaching the sacred science of  singing meditations of Kundalini Yoga in 1973. Having studied intensively with many Kirtan masters for decades, she was directed by Yogi Bhajan to teach internationally.   Soon after, Satkirin began recording kirtan to implement his direction to teach the power of music meditation. At this time, she is known and loved for her 19 chanting albums which are landmarks of Kundalini Yoga classes across the world. Satkirin’s approach embodies an authentic approach filled  with wisdom, humor and love. As a Kundalini Yoga specialty teacher of the Aquarian Academy, she delivers a deep experience and understanding of how to accurately chant. Through inspiring stories, and vocal kriyas, Satkirin guides teachers and students to bridge the mind and body, and  develop harmonious inner-directed lives.

Satkirin has developed a number of youtube videos,  including: “The Mantra Minute,  “A Mantra Moment”,  “Your Mantra Tool Kit”  a weekly blog – satkirin.com – You will find many free videos at www.satkirin.com
Learn more by visiting www.satkirin.com, or find her broadcasts on Facebook: Satkirin Khalsa, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa, Instagram and  www.youtube.com.


Healing Meditation : Raa Maa Daa Saa Saa Say So Hung



from France

About Manoushka:

Manoushka is a dancer and instructor of American Tribal Style, Kundalini Yoga and creator of the Chakra Balance System©. Nourished by her experience, her studies, and the teachings received from Masters of Hindu, Tibetan and Sikh tradition, she has been accompanying meditation groups for more than 20 years. With benevolence and attention, she guides each person to find his.her own tempo in order to move towards clarity of mind, emotional balance and well-being.

For more info: www.chakrabalancesystem.com ; www.arborescencedance.com 


To end this day together, let’s create a solid imprint of what we want to put in our lives. Visualize and radiate the transformation and thus anchor the vibration we wish for 2021. By visualizing together we visualize for others, we visualize for humanity and what we wish to see in the world.

This meditative ritual will give us the power we need to cross this new year. An opportunity to look deep inside ourselves at what holds us back and release it to connect with the timeless, multi-dimensional being that we are.

(bring: paper, pencil, candle, bowl, water)



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