Early on, Yogi Bhajan sent his students far and wide, to teach and build community. The first European ashram was based in Amsterdam, and is still running. 

The goal of an ashram is to offer the student a chance to be in community. A key aspect in the Teachings is that it is not on your own as an individual that you reach a Universal experience, but through developing group consciousness. In community, we find: a safe place to return to Self, to develop new habits, and to deepen practice and to contribute to the life of the place by serving the project.

Most of the ashrams we have in Europe are associated with a school. One can therefore find the guidance of a teacher. It is common that people do a 40 day ashram experience (which fits with teaching: it takes forty days to change a habit).

If you are looking for an ashram experience, in a yogic community, try contacting: