Due to Covid the Festivals Landscape has changed.Here are the latest updates:

Online gathering:

In-person gatherings:

  • France: June 19/21

Chateau Anand Summer Solstice: https://www.chateau-anand.fr/en/summersolstice-en/

  • France: July 1/5

Festival Kundalini Yoga de la Fontaine: https://festivaldelafontaine.fr

  • Estonia: July 9/12

Estonian Kundalini Yoga Festival :http://kundaliniyogafestival.ee

  • Bulgaria: July 9/13

Kundalini Yoga Festival Inside out:https://www.ky-festival.com/ky-festival

  • France: July 25/August 2

Chateau Anand Summer Sangat Holidays: https://www.chateau-anand.fr/en/summer-holidays-en/

  • Poland July 31/ August 4.

Polish Kundalini Yoga Festival https://festiwaljogi.weebly.com

  • Latvia: August 7/9

Baltic Kundalini Yoga Festival:https://balticyogafest.com

  • RussiaAugust 21/28

Russian Kundalini Yoga Festival: http://yogafestival.ru/en

  • Germany: August 22

Kundalini Yoga Fest Odenwald: www.kundalini-festival.de

  • Festivals throughout Europe

There are Kundalini Yoga Festivals now in many countries across Europe. These festivals offer a chance to get together in community, to practise together, share music and food and have fun!

There are national kundalini yoga festivals in: 

Every festival has its own culture and feel, but same essential mission: to allow people to practise Kundalini Yoga and the 3HO lifestyle for a few days, together with other Yogis.

If you want to know more about the festival, contact the National association of the country [LINK to National associations page – Find a class near you].

If you are involved in organising a national Kundalini Yoga festival in Europe, and would like it listed here, please contact: sirisant.kaur@3ho-europe.org

Two  other major 3HO gatherings take place in the USA at Summer Solstice Sadhana celebration https://www.3ho.org/summer-solstice and Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration https://www.3ho.org/winter-solstice.

At these two events, and the European Yoga Festival, there is additionally the chance to practice White Tantric Yoga at the gathering.